First Drive

Fast Forward 1

Fast Forward

The 458 Italia is much quicker than its predecessor, and not just in the way you’d expect.


Rare by Design 1

Rare by Design

Exclusivity was the hallmark of the Ferrari 500 Superfast and Maserati 5000 GT. We find, and drive, both.

First Drive

Rush 1


Staggering acceleration and brutal g-forces make the 599 GTO a pure thrill ride.


The Last Testa Fissa 1

The Last Testa Fissa

Powered by a very special 1,500cc engine, this Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeo has twice finished on the Mille Miglia podium—76 years apart.


Shark Tales 1

Shark Tales

The story behind this 156 F1 re-creation is as impressive as the car itself.


Dream Deferred 1

Dream Deferred

It took 27 years, fresh paint, new leather and an extensive mechanical makeover, but one Ferraristi finally has the car of his dreams.


The Beast 1

The Beast

The 412 MI combined Maranello’s most powerful engine with a one-off sports-racing chassis. Today, it stands as a ferocious reminder of an era of hot-rod Ferraris.


Genesis 1.5:12 1

Genesis 1.5:12

Enzo Ferrari commissioned an ambitious V12 engine for the first cars built under his name. And while it was a risky, even foolhardy, move, the gamble paid off.

First Drive

The Best of Both Worlds 1

The Best of Both Worlds

Combining the F430 Spider and 430 Scuderia makes sense on paper, but does the Scuderia Spider 16M deliver the goods on the street?


The Short, Happy Life of Tom Cole 1

The Short, Happy Life of Tom Cole

Privateer racer Tom Cole made a name for himself in the early 1950s, but paid the ultimate price for his love of motorsport.

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