Vive la Difference: uploaded at 08/31/2023 06:26 PM UTC

Vive la Difference

Nearly four years after the debut of the Roma, Ferrari unveiled the Roma Spider. We talk with Emanuele Carando, Head of Product Marketing, about this unexpected model.


50-Year Dream: uploaded at 08/31/2023 06:27 PM UTC

50-Year Dream

A half-century after he fell for the model, David Wheeler found this 250 GTE.


Purple Haze: uploaded at 07/06/2023 05:38 PM UTC

Purple Haze

After driving the Felber FF, a 330 GTC just won’t seem the same.

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Setting the Standard: uploaded at 07/06/2023 05:40 PM UTC

Setting the Standard

It may no longer be the latest, greatest, or fastest, but there are few better sports cars than the 458.


Five-Year Plan: uploaded at 06/01/2023 05:51 PM UTC

Five-Year Plan

Returning one of the world’s rarest Ferraris to its original splendor required serious talent, money, and time.

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Game Changer: uploaded at 06/01/2023 05:56 PM UTC

Game Changer

The Berlinetta Boxer didn’t just carry Ferrari into the mid-engine world—it also introduced a new engine layout to Maranello’s road-car lineup.


75 Years in the Making: uploaded at 03/28/2023 08:10 PM UTC

75 Years in the Making

The Purosangue honors Ferrari’s history while blazing a new path.

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Best of Breed: uploaded at 03/28/2023 08:12 PM UTC

Best of Breed

Timeless looks, a user-friendly driving experience, and robust reliability have long made the 328 a favorite among owners.


Metamorphosis: uploaded at 02/23/2023 10:38 PM UTC


During its first three years, this 212 Export wore five different bodies. In the 2000s, it received a sixth.

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Two Steps Forward: uploaded at 02/23/2023 10:41 PM UTC

Two Steps Forward

The 348 pushed Ferrari’s V8 sports cars into new performance territory, but early examples suffered from serious quality issues.

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