The Last Great Road Race: uploaded at 12/11/2023 07:22 PM UTC

The Last Great Road Race

We head to Sicily and drive the 45-mile World Championship circuit of the Targa Florio.

The Milanese Connection: uploaded at 01/17/2023 10:10 PM UTC

The Milanese Connection

Few episodes in Ferrari’s history are as unusual as its creation of a small four-cylinder car that was put into production by a wealthy Milan enthusiast.

The Rise and Fall of Scuderia Ferrari 1

The Rise and Fall of Scuderia Ferrari

From its founding in 1929 until its liquidation in 1937, Enzo Ferrari’s Alfa Romeo racing stable scored an astonishing 144 wins in 225 races.

Mighty Maverick 1

Mighty Maverick

It took the combined talents of Bertone, Lancia, and Ferrari to create one of Italy’s most iconic—and idiosyncratic—sports cars: the Stratos.

The Wilderness Years 1

The Wilderness Years

After being fired by Alfa Romeo then having his new company nationalized for the war effort, Enzo Ferrari turned to manufacturing mechanical components and machine tools.

Surf and Turf 1

Surf and Turf

With the Testarossa sweeping the exotic-car world off its feet, Ferrari set out to make some literal waves.

Expeditionary Force 1

Expeditionary Force

Enzo Ferrari sent four Grand Prix cars to contest the 1952 Indianapolis 500. We drive one of them.

Testa Rossa With a Twist 1

Testa Rossa With a Twist

In the early 1960s, two Swiss brothers built and raced their own Ferrari-based sports car. Today, that long-ago machine has been reborn.

Italian Invasion 1

Italian Invasion

America discovered Ferrari following its one-two finish in the ’51 Carrera Panamericana.

Creating Ferrari's First Championships 1

Creating Ferrari's First Championships

By emphasizing logic, quality, and reliability, Aurelio Lampredi redefined Maranello’s engineering approach. The results speak for themselves.

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