Issue 189

May 2021

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 189 cover


  1. Full Article

    Brand Expansion

    Looking for a fast, reliable, comfortable, and affordable Ferrari? Check out the California.

  2. Expedition Unknown

    A dedicated group of friends reassembles and restores a barn-find 250 GT Ellena.

  3. Continuing Enthusiasm

    Demand for NART Spyders created a cottage industry in converting GTB/4s.

  4. Full Article

    Surf and Turf

    In the 1980s, Ferrari and Riva teamed up to build a Testarossa-inspired speed boat.

  5. Emerging Markets

    The last year has seen dramatic changes in the world of collector cars.

  6. The First Ferraris

    While not badged as a Ferrari, the Auto Avio Costruzioni 815 was Enzo’s baby.

  7. Clean Sheet

    After three poor seasons, Mauro Forghieri reinvented Ferrari’s Formula 1 car.

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