Grazie, Seb 1

Grazie, Seb

After six seasons, Ferrari says farewell to its four-time World Champion.

World View 1

World View

Joining Ferrari took Matteo Torre away from home—first to elsewhere in Europe, then China, and now America.

The Everyman 1

The Everyman

We talk with Scott Chivers about his low-key, accessible, hands-on approach to Ferrari ownership.

The Genesis of a Culture Hero 1

The Genesis of a Culture Hero

Griff Borgeson looks at the fires that burned within the young Enzo, and the powerful forces that drove the mature Ferrari to act out his dream on the world stage.

Enzo's "Marine" 1

Enzo's "Marine"

Thanks to Luigi Chinetti and Enzo Ferrari, American Dan Gurney stormed the tracks of Europe and the world of Formula 1.

The Multi-Talented Mr. Hobbs 1

The Multi-Talented Mr. Hobbs

During a 30-year career, David Hobbs drove everything from sports cars and NASCARs to prototypes to IndyCars and F1 cars—with more than a few Ferraris along the way.

50 Years of Ferrari 1

50 Years of Ferrari

Mechanic Francois Sicard has been caring for Prancing Horses since the 1960s.

Affinity for Speed 1

Affinity for Speed

Four decades after he was expelled from high school for drag racing, Ken Lingenfelter landed a brand-new LaFerrari.

The Road Warrior 1

The Road Warrior

We talk Ferrari with F1, IndyCar, NASCAR, prototype and GT racer Max Papis.

Unbridled Passion 1

Unbridled Passion

Since Phil and Martha Bachman bought their first Ferrari in the early 1980s, they’ve travelled the world with their FXX, become longtime concours judges and built an unrivaled collection of (mostly) modern Ferraris.

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