Issue 215

August 2024

Available 6/25

Issue 215 cover


  1. Past Futurism

    The 12Cilindri keeps Ferrari’s normally aspirated V12 alive—without going hybrid.

  2. The Visionaries

    We talk 12Cilindri with Ferrari’s top design, commercial, and product executives.

  3. Full Article

    Latter-Day Classic

    It took ten years to build this 412 P replica from scratch.

  4. Full Article

    Creative Spirit

    Flavio Manzoni changed the way Ferrari designs cars.

  5. The Coming Crisis

    What happens to the classic-car world when today’s restorers and mechanics retire?

  6. Coming of Age

    After winning in karts and Miatas, this 15-year-old wants to race Ferraris.

  7. Gang of Three

    There’s more to the 2024 season than just Red Bull and Max Verstappen.

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