Issue 125

May 2013

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  1. Full Article

    The Long Game

    Ferrari’s FF meets a 46-year-old relative for a friendly 2+2 face-off.

  2. Lasting Relationship

    This 250 GT 2+2 has been a member of the family for four decades.

  3. Full Article

    The Prancing Clydesdale

    In the mid-1970s, Paul Newman and Budweiser teamed up to race a 308 GTB.

  4. The Missing Link

    Historian Willem Oosthoek uncovers the true race history of a famous 750 Monza.

  5. Size Matters

    Amateur sports-car racer Porfirio Rubirosa lived life to the fullest.

  6. Going the Distance

    Ferrari looks to defend its Grand-Am titles as the 2013 season kicks off at Daytona.

  7. Fresh Face

    Scuderia Ferrari unveils its newest Grand Prix car, the F138.

  8. Vintage Up, Modern Down

    As recent Ferraris depreciate, the cars of the 1950s and ’60s skyrocket in value.

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