The Long Haul 1

The Long Haul

After nearly 220,000 miles, this 308 GT4 is still going strong.

Second-chance SWB 0

Second-chance SWB

When Doris Blackwood arrived in Maranello and found that her promised car had been sold to someone else, she turned to Enzo Ferrari for help. A few months later, she was the proud owner of s/n 3113GT.

The Good Old Days 0

The Good Old Days

After a 25-year hiatus, Jack Castor and his Cal Spyder are back on the road again.

The It Car 0

The It Car

In the late 1950s, Ferrari’s stunning success in the Tour de France made its long-wheelbase 250 GT the car to have in European sports-car racing.

The Greatest Generation 1

The Greatest Generation

Enzo Ferrari, Gioacchino Colombo and Carlo Felice Anderloni all contributed to the magic of the 166 MM Berlinetta.

Rise of the Phoenix 1

Rise of the Phoenix

Usually when a car burns, that’s the end of it. But this Pinin Farina-bodied Ferrari—a Series I Cabriolet—defied fate to live another day.

40-year-old Virgin 1

40-year-old Virgin

After spending most of its life locked away in a museum, the Dino Berlinetta Competizione finally sees some action.

Shark Tales 1

Shark Tales

The story behind this 156 F1 re-creation is as impressive as the car itself.

Lovely Lusso 1

Lovely Lusso

This 250 GT/L’s beauty is more than skin deep—it also has 300 horsepower!

Italian Muscle 1

Italian Muscle

Wanting to counter the onslaught of big-bore American V8-engined racers, Enzo Ferrari ordered the creation of a car with a 4.1-liter V12—appropriately enough, it was dubbed the 340 America.

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