The Beast 1

The Beast

The 412 MI combined Maranello’s most powerful engine with a one-off sports-racing chassis. Today, it stands as a ferocious reminder of an era of hot-rod Ferraris.


Genesis 1.5:12 1

Genesis 1.5:12

Enzo Ferrari commissioned an ambitious V12 engine for the first cars built under his name. And while it was a risky, even foolhardy, move, the gamble paid off.

First Drive

The Best of Both Worlds 1

The Best of Both Worlds

Combining the F430 Spider and 430 Scuderia makes sense on paper, but does the Scuderia Spider 16M deliver the goods on the street?


The Short, Happy Life of Tom Cole 1

The Short, Happy Life of Tom Cole

Privateer racer Tom Cole made a name for himself in the early 1950s, but paid the ultimate price for his love of motorsport.


Piero on Ferrari  1

Piero on Ferrari

We talk with Enzo Ferrari’s son about cars, racing and the company today.


Lovely Lusso 1

Lovely Lusso

This 250 GT/L’s beauty is more than skin deep—it also has 300 horsepower!


Labor of Love 1

Labor of Love

Although it took much longer than expected, Paul Newman has no regrets about restoring his 308.


Handling With Care 1

Handling With Care

With the HGTE package, Ferrari engineers set out to improve the 599’s performance without reducing its comfort. Did they succeed?


Boxer Rebellion 1

Boxer Rebellion

With mid-mounted flat-12 engines, the Boxer Berlinetta and Testarossa modernized Ferrari’s road-car lineup.

Road Test

Will it Play in Peoria? 1

Will it Play in Peoria?

We visit the typical American city to drive an atypical Ferrari—a 620-horsepower 612 Scaglietti.

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