Piero on Ferrari

We talk with Enzo Ferrari’s son about cars, racing and the company today.

Photo: Piero on Ferrari 1
July 31, 2009

Name someone who has actively worked at Ferrari since 1965. My list starts and stops with one man

Photo: Piero on Ferrari 2

Today, when I am thinking of the big races from the past, there are three names: Le Mans 24 Hours, the Indy 500 and Monte Carlo for Formula 1. These three names are it. We have a special feeling with Monza, because it is a historic race, but in the big picture it is those three names:

Photo: Piero on Ferrari 3

Brawn made an aerodynamic floor that is complying to the rules, how it is written, but not to the spirit of the rules. The FIA accepted this. This makes a big difference, the aerodynamics.

Plus, we spent all of the last year to develop the car up to the last race, because we were fighting for the championship with [Felipe] Massa. That means we were very concentrated on last year

Photo: Piero on Ferrari 4

Sergio has serious problems. He is not any more in the company. He

Photo: Piero on Ferrari 5

In the past, when Citroen was the owner of Maserati, they offered it to my father. For him, it was a little too risky. [He was] too concentrated in his company, and Ferrari was maybe too little.

What was good in Maserati was the brand. When it was in the same group as Ferrari, we invested in a lot of new projects. Maserati today is a range of products we developed in that period. Now they have to do the second, the second era.

*The transformation Fiat has undergone in the past five or six years is fascinating. Many Americans feel Fiat is

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