Issue 80

October 2007

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 80 cover


  1. Full Article

    The Do-It-All Dino

    While most vintage Ferraris are pampered and locked in garages, this 246 lives under a carport and is driven daily.

  2. A Day in the Life

    The FXX may be the ultimate Ferrari track-day special, but it’s also the ultimate development mule for Ferrari’s next supercar.

  3. F1: Sound of Silence

    Things are starting to look grim for the men in red, as McLaren, led by rookie Lewis Hamilton, goes on a three-race winning streak.

  4. Under the Microscope

    Mystery surrounds this long-wheelbase Barchetta, built for Henry Ford II, which spent its early life in Ford’s styling studio.

  5. Perennial Favorite

    January’s Cavallino Classic concours and Historic Challenge racing at Moroso mark the coming of spring.

  6. Market Report: V6s and V8s, Part 1

    We investigate current pricing for the Dino 206/246, 308 GT4, 308 and 328.

  7. Hometown Rivalry, Part 11

    The Testa Rossa helped Ferrari win several World Championships, so Maserati developed the Birdcage to get a piece of the action.

  8. Natural Wonder

    It’s time for another Copperstate 1000 rally, so we grab a camera and follow the Ferraris through some of the Southwest’s best scenery.

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