The Classics

With their sleek Pininfarina lines, front-mounted V12 engines, and serious performance, the 550 and 575M Maranello are quintessential Ferraris.

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February 24, 2022

In 1996, after more than two decades building mid-engine flat-12-powered Boxers and Testarossas, Ferrari returned to its roots with the 550 Maranello. The marque

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The 550 and 575M remain exhilarating to drive, but in today

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By 2005, Ferrari had become a master of producing limited-production

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Elsewhere, the A/C compressor seals can leak oil. The cost of rebuilding and recharging the system runs roughly $2,000. If the coolant expansion tank cap leaks, buy a $50 replacement. Both the power steering feed line and high pressure hose can leak; replacing them runs around $1,400. If the throttle cable sheathing cracks, a new cable installed costs another $300. The hood pad sags with age and can rub on the intake manifold. A new pad, including labor, costs around $1,000.

When a Maranello is in the shop for a major service

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Speaking of 575Ms, the Superamerica

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The Barchetta

This is a large, heavy sports GT

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