Issue 197

May 2022

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 197 cover


  1. Refinement

    Looking for fast, comfortable, and sporting? We recommend the Portofino M.

  2. Kindred Spirits

    For all their similarities, the 458 Speciale and 488 Pista have one defining difference.

  3. Full Article

    Spur of the Moment

    From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Dead Horse, Alaska (and beyond) in a 308 GTSi.

  4. Flashback: 275 GTB

    The 250 GT’s successor introduced a technological shift to Ferrari’s road cars.

  5. Full Article

    The Classics

    Everything you need to know about the 550 and 575M Maranello.

  6. Trailblazers

    John and Eleanor von Neumann helped lead the Prancing Horse’s West Coast charge.

  7. Florida Fight

    After 24 hours in Daytona, one Ferrari team climbs onto the podium.

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