Crackling Performance

Thanks to 488 Pista power, the F8 Spider fizzes with energy.

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September 3, 2020

Ferrari pitches the new F8 Spider, its thoroughly facelifted replacement for the 488 Spider, as combining the usability of its predecessor with the performance of the track-ready 488 Pista.

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I had already experienced this sizzling performance with the F8 Tributo, but the F8 Spider could be something different. For one thing, it might be the last ever non-hybrid Ferrari V8, though it wouldn

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While the F8 builds on the 488, which was launched in 2015, its platform dates back one generation more, to the 458 that arrived in 2010. It was the 458 Spider that introduced the folding hardtop to the mid-engined supercar segment, in 2011, and little has changed since. The tonneau cover has been altered a bit to tie in with the F8

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But there are always trade-offs with convertibles, and the F8 can

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The purity and responsiveness of this benchmark chassis remain very much intact. The Spider feels low and planted and on its nose as I turn, the front tires (Michelin Pilot Super Sports on my test car, though stickier Cup 2 rubber is optional) shrugging off even overly ambitious entry speeds while the rear end calmly and quickly follows. It still rides pliantly, especially with the

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The F154 unit nonetheless remains the world

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With a powertrain and chassis that can adapt so quickly to your mood and the weather, it feels all the more appropriate to package the F8 in a Spider body. Buy the still hugely appealing Portofino if you want a more traditional kind of Ferrari convertible at a significantly lower price and with more space, but if you want the real deal, the F8 Spider is absolutely the one.

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