Born to Race

As soon as the first Berlinetta Boxer arrived in the U.S., NART turned it into a race car.

Photo: Born to Race 1
November 29, 2018

The first time I saw this race-ready 365 GT/4 BB (s/n 18139), it was speeding past me during a late-1990s Ferrari Club of America track event at Pocono International Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. The car

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Although Coates set out looking for a 512 BB/LM, s/n 18139 isn

Photo: Born to Race 5

When s/n 18139 arrived in Greenwich in late 1974, Chinetti Sr. was in Europe but Fritz and Chinetti Jr. were raring to go.

Photo: Born to Race 6

Sicard in particular was crucial to the job.

Photo: Born to Race 7

Fritz felt the only car that could really challenge the Ferrari was the De Tomaso Pantera, but such a challenge would have required a commitment from Ford to build a stronger V8, something the Blue Oval never did. Says Fritz,

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Craige was so excited he cut his usual drive time to the shop almost in half.

Photo: Born to Race 9

Government satisfied, there was one area of unresolved concern: the car

Photo: Born to Race 10

Otherwise, the team

Photo: Born to Race 11

After Sebring, NART brought the car to Road Atlanta. This time, the left-side rear hub carrier failed and s/n 18139 never started the race. Recalls Fritz,

Photo: Born to Race 12

AS THINGS TURNED OUT, this was the last race for s/n 18139 under NART ownership. At the time, the Ferrari factory was focused on Formula 1, and while it would develop its own racing BBs a few years later, at the time it had no interest in supporting the Chinettis

Still undeterred, O

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