Issue 169

November 2018

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Issue 169 cover


  1. Full Article

    The 800 Club

    We sample the 800-hp, 211-mph 812 Superfast on U.S. roads.

  2. Make My Day

    In the 1980s, this early Boxer lost its top— and the BB might just be the better for it.

  3. Full Article

    In the Camp of the Enemy

    In 1956, three-time World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio joined Scuderia Ferrari.

  4. Sophomore Season

    After ordering a 488 street car, Jim Camp caught the racing bug.

  5. Safe Speed

    While the 488 Challenge boasts 100 hp more than the 458, Ferrari’s focus was on safety.

  6. American Odyssey, Part 2

    When he wasn’t driving, Phil Hill kept busy photographing the racing world.

  7. Gentlemen Prefer Redheads

    Bill Sweedler has driven Ferraris to victory at Sebring and Le Mans.

  8. The Storm Before the Calm

    The battle between Ferrari and Mercedes raged in the run-up to F1’s summer break.

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