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What do you get when a German speed shop works its magic on an Italian supercar? The 772-hp 488 N-Largo.

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July 20, 2017

In the good old days before Ferrari adopted turbocharging for its V8 engines, you could expect a machine that looks as purposeful as the Novitec Rosso 488 N-Largo to spit fire and brimstone from the moment you pushed the red Start button.

Today, however, things are more cool, calm, and collected. Despite its aggressive visage, the second Novitec model to receive the widebody treatment _[the first was the F12 that appeared in issue #131’s

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Of course, this impression comes when the exhaust

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Most performance-car manufacturers, such as AMG, BMW M, and Porsche, adjust their torque curves to peak fairly low in the rev band, then plateau through the midrange. This delivers maximum flexibility in daily driving and helps fuel economy.

Ferrari, on the other hand, wanted its turbocharged engine to have the high-revving power delivery of a normally aspirated one. So, the software gurus in Maranello designed clever algorithms to limit torque output in the lower gears (which also offers the benefit of not overwhelming the rear tires with a wave of torque at low rpm). In practice, this means that maximum torque is only delivered in seventh gear, with the torque curves in fourth, fifth, and sixth gears progressively ramping up to that level on the way.

With even more power and torque on tap, the Novitec engineers wisely chose to closely mirror the factory

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Where you can use full throttle in the lower gears, the Novitec 488 N-Largo delivers all the fireworks you

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As already mentioned, for all its visual bravado and intergalactic pace, the Novitec Rosso 488 N-Largo is a pretty refined beast. For the vast majority of drivers who lack the skill set of Fernando Alonso, it is a user-friendly machine that will not spike your adrenalin levels every time you get behind the wheel. Unless, of course, you ask it to.


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SOME PURISTS WILL SAY that such a car is no longer a challenge for the experienced driver, that there

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