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“[I told them] to build out everything to the highest standards,” explains Peak. “Interior, exterior, suspension, etc. No system left unturned, using only the best components money can buy.”

As you’d expect from such a mandate, there are dozens of detail improvements, some of which you can see, others of which are buried deep inside the car. For example, the clutch is a race-inspired dual-disc piece designed for minimal reciprocating mass and a quick, clean take-up.

NFF upgraded the Ferrari’s brakes with new bits from Giro Disc, the largest that would fit inside the stock 16-inch wheels, which themselves were shod with Pirelli P7 rubber. (Peak was adamant about retaining the 308’s classic look, and larger wheels with ultra-low profile-tires didn’t fit the bill.) Custom coil-over shocks and anti-roll bars were built by NFF specially for this car. After they were installed, the suspension was set up on a corner-weighting jig, the ride height carefully adjusted for the perfect stance, and the alignment optimized for precise handling.

The Ferrari’s interior enjoyed its own stock-but-better reimagining. The seats were redone in a pattern and color similar to stock, with higher grade leather and black piping, while the door panels were reconfigured to eliminate the map pockets. The radio has likewise been vanquished, and the central HVAC vents were remounted in its location; Peak says the only music he needs comes from the engine bay. The drilled aluminum, leather-lined pedals are custom, of course.

The lightly tinted windows go up and down much faster than stock, thanks to an NFF-designed two-relay setup that works without overtaxing the electrical system. Speaking of electrics, much of the car’s factory “spaghetti loom” has been replaced with neatly wrapped, heavy-duty wires for more reliable operation and general robustness.

The rear luggage area received just as much attention as the cockpit. “Like every other 308, my rear luggage area tonneau cover’s zipper was broken and its crappy stock material was falling apart,” says Peak. “So Nick’s mother-in-law made a new rear tonneau cover out of uber-soft Plonge glove leather and a durable YKK zipper.”

The fresh-looking paint job was actually done back in 2012, but the NFF crew added their own touches to the exterior, such as the custom grille, additional fog lights, and gloss black Euro-spec bumpers. The stock rear fascia didn’t fit with the new exhaust, so was eliminated. Its removal lets the fully polished exhaust peer out clearly from under the car.

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