Issue 155

February 2017

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Issue 155 cover


  1. Full Article

    Mimicking Maranello

    The Thomassima II paired a Ferrari V12 with a Cooper F1 chassis and wild bodywork.

  2. Conceptual Art

    When is a 458 not a 458? When Ferrari and Pininfarina re-imagine it as a Sergio.

  3. Full Article

    Face Value

    After being neglected for nearly 30 years, a 250 GT PF Cab returns to the road.

  4. Sticker Shock

    Asking prices remain high even as the collector-car market declines.

  5. Late Arrival

    We talk with owner and engineer about the care and feed required to keep a 575 GTC endurance racer on track.

  6. Under Pressure

    As the 2016 season winds down, Ferrari shows signs of speed but still struggles against Red Bull and Mercedes.

  7. All's Well That Ends Well

    After more than a year of struggling with his F430, a FORZA Tifosi Challenge rookie finishes on the podium.

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