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Ferrari North America CEO Marco Mattiacci holds forth on cars, relationships and the U.S.

July 20, 2012
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In 1999, Marco Mattiacci, then working for a strategic consultancy firm in London, got a call from Maranello, Italy. Ferrari wanted to hire the then 29-year-old. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse, and it paid off handsomely; today, he’s the president and CEO of Ferrari North America.

Born in Rome, Mattiacci earned a degree in economics from Sapienza University of Rome. His early professional career focused on marketing and business development, and his first position at Ferrari involved overseeing the South American and Middle Eastern markets. At the same time, he served as a liaison to Ferrari North America, which led to him coming to the U.S. to help launch Maserati in 2002. In 2006, he was named the head of the newly created Ferrari Asia-Pacific division, and moved to Shanghai to run Ferrari’s Asian operations.

In January 2010, Mattiacci returned to the U.S. to lead Ferrari North America. Since that time, he’s launched the California, 458 and FF, and worked to strengthen the company’s relationship with its customers. In addition, he’s become a father to, as he smilingly describes them, “three American children, all under the age of three.”

FORZA sat down with soft-spoken Mattiacci during the Ferrari Challenge weekend at Infineon Raceway in mid-April.

What role does a Ferrari Challenge event like this serve?

Ferrari is racing—racing and competition, that is our culture—and the Challenge sums up all these elements. We have today 30 gentlemen drivers with the 458 Challenge coming from all over the country to race and compete and prove themselves. Then we have the history of Ferrari, the heritage; you see some historic cars here. And then you have the enthusiasts, all these fans that don’t today have a Ferrari, but probably dream about it, and maybe one day they will have it.

So it’s all these elements: To stay close to our customers, to stay close to our enthusiasts, to receive their feedback, to create a stronger community feeling and to give to them something nobody else can give them in the automotive industry.

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