Issue 85

May 2008

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Issue 85 cover


  1. Full Article

    Veni, Vidi, Vici

    The 1990s were a time of change at Ferrari. We spend a day driving the cars that came from that era: the F355, 456 and 550.

  2. Field of Dreams

    Eleven years after our first visit to the event, we return to the Ferrari Club of America’s 2007 International Meet.

  3. Might Mite

    While most famous for its 12-cylinder models, Ferrari built some very successful four-cylinder machines, including the 500 TR.

  4. Maximum Mika

    After nearly a decade driving in Formula 1, Mika Salo found a home in Italy racing GT cars for Maserati and Ferrari.

  5. Name Game

    Building on the success of its Quattroporte sedan, Maserati has introduced a gorgeous new coupe, the GranTurismo.

  6. Hometown Rivalry, Part 14

    Maserati’s front-engine Type 151 meets Ferrari’s mid-engine prototypes at Le Mans.

  7. The GTO Ferrari Never Built

    Maranello had big plans for the 348, but it never followed through. One man did.

  8. Many Happy Returns

    We tag along with the first-ever U.S.-based 250 GTO Anniversary Tour.

  9. Market Update: The 250 GTs, Part 2

    We investigate current pricing for the road-race cars, from the TdF to the GTO.

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