Issue 81

November 2007

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 81 cover


  1. By Any Other Name

    Introducing Ferrari’s lighter, faster, higher-tech F430, a new take on the Challenge Stradale theme.

  2. Celebrating the Family Tree

    2007 is Ferrari’s 60th year in business, so the Italian automaker marked the anniversary with a fête at Fiorano.

  3. Raikkonen's Revenge

    Kimi Raikkonen won the season-opener, but then seemed to fall off the radar. Now he’s back, scoring two mid-season wins.

  4. Full Article

    One for the Road

    While he loved his Lusso’s looks, one enthusiast wanted a better-driving car. This freshly restored 275 GTB/4 fits the bill.

  5. King of the Hill

    The Goodwood Festival of Speed is one of our favorite events. It got even better this year, as we went up the hill in a Ferrari 599.

  6. Showdown at the Sarthe

    While they weren’t in contention for overall victory, Ferrari and Porsche fought a classic battle at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

  7. The Loveliest TR

    After its career as a factory car, this TR 59 was raced by privateers in America—one of whom resumed racing it 30 years later.

  8. Market Report: The V8s, Part 2

    We investigate current pricing for the Mondial, 348, F355 and 360.

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