Underneath its friendly, mostly stock exterior, this Dino packs 8-cylinder firepower.

April 13, 2017
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Over the last four decades, Surrey-based Mototechnique Ltd. has become one of England’s top Ferrari specialists. You’d never know from looking at the inconspicuous back-street garage, but this is where 250 GTOs, F40s, and Enzos come regularly for the most advanced kinds of renovations; the house specialty is rebuilding write-offs.

You may think it’s false modesty when company boss Kevin O’Rourke says he’s “nothing more than a copyist,” but he really does see his role that way. As he puts it, “All my working life, more than 50 years, has been dedicated to repairing and carefully restoring classic cars to their factory standards.”

While O’Rourke finds the work rewarding, it doesn’t allow him any freedom for original thought. So, starting in mid-2000s, he decided to let loose his inner car creator on a tired Dino 246 GTS (s/n 7680). This time, rather than restoring it, he would rebuild the car the way he wanted it to be—which meant updating its looks, upgrading its chassis, and replacing the Dino V6 with a proper Ferrari V8.

Twelve years and tens of thousands of English pounds later, O’Rourke has transformed that Dino into the stunning car shown on these pages. The project has aroused some ire and controversy online, but O’Rourke’s only concern during the creation process was when Dinos unexpectedly soared in value.

“When I started this pro-ject, Dinos, though highly admired, were relatively cheap,” he says. “I have to admit, I had moments of doubt regarding the course I had taken! Still, all the original parts are set aside, ready for the day I tire of life and the desire for originality with this car kicks in.”

That’s not likely to happen anytime soon, because O’Rourke’s having too much fun driving this Dino hot rod.

AS WITH EVERY PROJECT of this kind, O’Rourke’s quest started with a simple “what if” question. In this case, what if Ferrari had placed its first-generation V8 in the athletic Dino body?

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