Issue 100

April 2010

Available as a Back Issue

Issue 100 cover


  1. Commentary

    On Covering Ferrari FORZA’s editors and publisher share their thoughts on the first 100 issues.

  2. Forza Ferrari

    We look at 100 of the most significant moments in Ferrari history.

  3. Super-8

    With the new 458 Italia, Ferrari has raised the technological bar for street cars.

  4. Full Article

    Genesis 1.5:12

    In 1945, Enzo Ferrari hired Gioacchino Colombo to design the engine that started the legend.

  5. Horns of Plenty

    The 2009 Concorso Italiano offered row after row of Ferraris. And Lamborghinis. And Maseratis. And….

  6. Sweet Sixty

    The 166 Inter was Ferrari’s first road car, and we drive one of the earliest examples.

  7. Road Trip: Blessing in Disguise

    What would you do if let loose with a Scuderia Spider 16M in Maranello? Go to lunch, of course!

  8. Frankly Frankl: Formula for Success

    Over the last 14 years, our F1 Editor has seen a lot of change and a lot of staying the same.

  9. True Love

    One enthusiast has been racing his 250 Testa Rossa up and down the West Coast for more than four decades.

  10. Shop Talk: Testarossa Trans-ectomy

    When a flat-12 transaxle gets sick, the only cure is to take it out and open it up.

  11. The Classic 2+2s

    Prices are down, but the 250 GT road cars remain some of the best Ferrari investments around.

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