1972 Dino 246GT


30,807 miles
West Bloomfield, MI

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  • Year: 1972
  • Model: Dino
  • Trim: 246GT
  • Transmission: 5 Speed
  • Exterior color: Blu
  • Interior color: Beige/Tan
  • Description: 1972 Ferrari 246 Dino GT – The Ferrari that’s not a Ferrari. This is the only 6 cylinder road-going production vehicle to be produced by Ferrari. In fact, Enzo Ferrari felt that it was not worthy to carry the Ferrari name since it had such a small engine and so he named it “Dino” after his late-son who helped design the engine. As a result, this vehicle actually has no Ferrari badging on it anywhere. The name 246 is carried over from Ferrari naming methods by referring to the engine size. In this case it means 2.4 liter 6 cylinder. Over the last decade or so the Dino has truly become a collector’s car and highly sought after.This particular 246 Dino GT Serial No. 4772 is a beautiful example of automotive history and would fit very nicely into anyone’s Ferrari collection. This is a US spec car that has gone through a thorough restoration over the last 10 plus years. The current owner purchased the car in 2006. The car’s exterior color is now Sky 952 Blu which originally was a Fiat color. Originally the car came with a White exterior over a Nero interior. For the restoration the body was brought down to the metal, the body was completely repainted, the engine was completely rebuilt, , the suspension was re-built, new leather seat coverings were added and the commonly referred to “mouse hair” dash was replaced as well. A new wire harness and a new clutch was also fitted. It has relatively low mileage of 30,807 Miles that is thought to be original and is ready for its next owner.The Story of the Dino Putting the engine behind the driver was the winning trend in racing in the early 1960s. Ferrari experienced the advantages of the design first hand, winning the 1961 Grand Prix champion-ship with the 156 F1, and, two years later fielding the first mid-engine car to win LeMans, the 250 P. So it was that Sergio Pininfarina and a number of Ferrari dealers began pushing Enzo Ferrari to make a mid-engine road car but he kept insisting it was too dangerous -he felt it was fine for racing and professional drivers, but he was against making mid-engine sports cars for customers. He was afraid of the safety of building a car that was too dangerous. Ferrari finally relented in 1965 Mr. Ferrari finally but went on to say, Okay, you make it not with a Ferrari, but with a Dino, Sergio Pininfarina said. That meant the car would use a six-cylinder engine instead of one of Ferraris more-powerful V-12s. In his mind, less powerful meant less danger for the customers, Pininfarina explained. And now Mr. Pininfarina had the permission to develop the Dino. The name memorialized Enzo’s son, Dino, who had died in 1956. The Dino 206 S prototype made its debut at the Paris Auto Show in October 1965. It was built on the 206 SP race-car chassis and had a longitudinally mounted 2.0-liter V-6. The car was so well-received that a year later, at the Turin Show, a second Dino 206 S prototype was displayed. Known as the Dino Berlinetta GT, it also had a longitudinal V-6, but styling was smoother and incorporated attractive covered headlights. A final production prototype was shown at 1967s Turin Show. It looked almost identical to the Dino Berlinetta GT, but the engine was mounted transversely, directly atop the gearbox and differential, between the drivers compartment and the rear axle. Fiat in Turin built the 2.0-liter V-6, which would also be used it in its prestige model, the front-engine Dino coupe and spyder.The 206 Dino GT went into production in 1968. It boasted a top speed over 140 mph, incredibly balanced handling, and a design among the postwar eras most beautiful. It was an instant hit with press and public alike.The Dino 206 GT is a wonderful car … an engineering masterpiece, said America’s Sports Car Graphic. England’s CAR seconded the opinion, noting the 206GT Dino stands out as one of the most advanced grand touring cars of our time. Typical of Ferrari’s almost-constant model updates - and likely also in response to Porsche increasing the size of the engine in its 911 — Maranello followed the 206 GT in 1969 with the Ferrari Dino 246 GT. It looked identical to the 206 save the addition of a Cavallino rampante on the fuel-filler door. It is nearly impossible to visually differentiate a Ferrari Dino 246 GT from a 206. This is a tribute to Pininfarina and his men, for the cars had different wheelbases. To increase cabin room, wheelbase increased to 92.1 inches (2340mm) from 89.7 (2280mm). Coachwork was more durable steel in place of the 206s aluminum. And the V-6 jumped to 2.4-liters (hence the 246 name), and horsepower increased by 15 to 195.
  • Stockno: S/N 04772
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