2006 F430 F1 Spider


6,575 miles
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


2 months ago

The F430 was able to better the incredible F360 by several notches. Greatly improved shift speed, electronic differential, and a seriously lower service cost were the hallmarks of the F430.

Few Ferraris were built in triple black so finding one is rare. Finding one with just 6,500 mile might not happen again.

Our car belonged to a South American businessman who spent most of his time south of the equator. It was seldom used and always professionally maintained. It features Shields, Red Calipers, Electric Daytona seats, and Carbon Center Dash. The service is up to date and the car comes with Books, Tools, Battery Charger, 2 keys, and fresh tires. It’s a real a real looker and priced to sell.

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